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Hi Ben

I got the Job. Many thanks for all your help and advice.


Thanks Ben I have an interview next week for the selection criteria you did. I should have come to you a lot earlier and I would not have wasted time writing selection criteria for myself that did not work.


Hi Ben

It's Mila thankyou for all your your advice and help it has been fantastic.

Hi Ben

Just letting you know I pulled off that job with downer, start on Monday. Good work with the resume, they had 5000 apply in the finish and only needed a couple hundred.

Cheers Scott

Hi Ben,

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it and take on board what you said, and will endeavor to be more flexible and most importantly believe in myself. You have done an unbelievable job.


Ben Just a note to say thank you. I wish you had been a fly on the wall at my interview it is the first time in my life that I had the interviewer rave about my resume. I got the position on the spot. Thanks again not just for the resume but building my belief in myself.


Thanks Ben. This is far better than what I did. I understand the logic behind what you did and it makes perfect sense now.

Greg Lecturer

Hi Ben thanks for all your help the Resume was great.

Sarah Kings Beach Sunshine Coast

Ben just want to let you know that I have an interview for the job you put a Resume in for me on Monday. fingers crossed.

Madonna Community Services

Hi Ben I have recommended you to two other people they will contact you shortly.

Brad Commercial Plumber

Thanks Ben the resume and selection criteria were fantastic and so was the service. I will be recommending you to to all my colleagues in the public service.

Patricia AO3

Hi Ben, Thank you Thank you Thank you. Four applications, four interviews and two Job offers. I really appreciate your help not just for the resumes but your support and advice.


Just a note of thanks I received an interview from every company that I sent your resume to.

James Production Manager Savana

Day mate thanks for the help. I got a apprenticeship at Neil Mansells in Toowoomba and they said I was the pick of the rest of them based on my resume and how I dressed to the interview.

Thanks for all your help

Cheers Mitch

Thanks Ben the resume was excellent

Paul Tredray Psychologist

I just wanted to say thanks your resume and E Book Secrets of Success literally changed my life.

Sheryl Eveans

Hi Ben

Thanks not just for the Resume but for helping me yesterday, it was a tough day! How are you? The interview went really well. The interviewer Kent said 'i conduct an excellent interview and it was a pleasure talking to me'. Also that he had not told any of the other candidates this but he was certain he wanted to meet with me face to face and would contact me later in the week.


Thanks Ben not just for a great resume but taking the time to teach me how to do one for myself in the future.


Wow the Resume is great Ben

Molly Tai

Just a brief note of thanks Ben
Over the years I have had resumes done by two others in town and you were head and shoulders above the rest. I really appreciated the time you took to understand me.
P.S I received an interview the day after applications closed for the Supervisor position with Toowoomba Regional Council.

Robert Beetson

Thanks Ben your Resume was great.

Vicki Kapernick
Former Director Department of Climate Change Canberra

Hey Ben you would not believe it I received an interview for the position at USQ just as you said.  The resume and selection criteria were great. I will definitely be recommending you.

Ross Colyer

Wow Ben, this is fantastic! Never in a million years could I have come remotely close to this
Thanks  so much Ben, couldn't have done anything like this without you.

Tracey Schafferius AO5

Hi Ben I have two interviews one on Friday and one on Monday. Not bad for someone who thought he was passed it. Thanks for your help not just for a fantastic resume but also your advice.


All I can say is excellent ben

Arron Rampling Site Coordinator Sydney Olympics

Hi ben your resume and knowledge is just fantastic.

Katherine Henderson

Excellent mate

Ron  Diesel Mechanic

I have resumes done by others in town. Yours was far superior thanks again.

Beth Lawerence

Thanks for all your help Ben the resume was fantastic. I received a call for an interview within an hour of applying for the Assistant Managers position.  You found the position for me as well.


Organisations that share my vision of making a difference whilst making a living


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