Imagine what would happen if every sales person went on strike today, all of them. Some businesses would close almost immediately. Others would drag on whist " management " tried to fill the sales role. Ultimately, the effects of the closures and inefficiencies would be so wide spread that every business would experience drastic results.

To see this, picture the world of business as a complex pipeline system. The sales person is at the end of the system controlling the flow valve. What every salesman does has an effect which is felt through many systems. For example, if an car salesperson does not sell, the dealership suffers. Management and administrative staff may need to be laid off. If dealerships sell less, then the factory slows - again unemployment is the result. If the factories slow down, so must the production of parts and raw materials more unemployment. Finally, the effects are felt by those who mine or grow the natural resources even more unemployment.

Of course one salesperson can be replaced if he or she is not performing. But look at the effect, the POWER. The individual salesperson can effect the entire business and, in a real way, the economy of the nation.

Selling is a area of expertise that goes beyond the sale of products. Ideas, treaties, employees, candidates, services must all be sold. From the local store to heads of state, selling directly affects all our lives. It has been said, THAT NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL SOMEONE SELLS SOMETHING.

Why then the lack of popularity? Why is one of the most important skills and professions looked down upon by the public as well as practitioners themselves? The answer, in one word is "PREASURE". Tension inducing pressure causes the salesperson and every client he contacts to feel uneasy, displeased, and distrustful of the interaction.

Traditional sales continues to focus on domination and control by the seller over the buyer. The salesperson is taught techniques by the hundreds: techniques designed to maneuver even the most reluctant buyer into the position where the person almost has to say "YES".

The name "closing" itself discloses the one - sided manipulative philosophy. The old way - Create Need, Fill Need, Close ! Close! Close! - forces salespeople to "Close in" on the buyer if as if stalking prey.

Such pressure is NOT a natural function of selling. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO GO WITH THE JOB. It shouldn't and it doesn't have to be this way.

In this workshop we will be focusing on a effective alternative to the old ways of selling.

Non Manipulative selling overcomes the unhealthy, tension - laden sales environment. It is not a " New Bag of Tricks". There are no sure-fire gimmicks. In fact, it is based upon long standing and respected techniques used in clinical psychology, counseling, negotiating and management. These non exploitive techniques have been adapted to the selling environment according to the philosophy that that it is neither healthy or productive in the long term to attempt to manipulate and control other people.

Repeat business and referrals are generated when people buy services or products because they feel that they and their problems are understood by the seller.


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