The Dummies Guide to Motivation

In over 20 years in business, business coaching and training it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant most business leaders and managers are of the Power of Motivation.

Most simply do not understand how to put motivation into practice. Even though motivation theory is taught as part of all Degrees in Business and Psychology, Alfred Adler's Needs Theory, Taylor's Systematic Theory of Work Motivation, Maslows Hierarchy Theory, Hertzbergs Two Factor Theory, Vrooms Expectation Theory, are all valid in explaining different aspects of motivation and human behavior. What they don't teach is how to motivate people.

Wayne Bennett is a classical example of what motivation can achieve. His success as a Rugby League Coach year in year out with different clubs is due in large part to his ability to inspire and motivate his players.

I have used the methods I teach with Business Managers, Psychologists and staff of Job network providers including CRS Australia, JobFind Australia and ADD Employment, their clients, students and in all aspects of my life with equal success.

When working with Job Network Providers the first question that I ask is, what advice do you give to job seekers. The usually response is that it is a numbers game, the more jobs that they apply for the greater the chance of success. Logical Yes effective No.

To explain my method I asked what they would do if they were trapped in a room with no way out for days. There is an empty fridge in the corner. How often would you go to the fridge in the hope of finding food. If you are a realist you will go once. If you are a optimist you may go three or four times. If you go more often then that you are probably crazy.

Yet this is what they expect their job seekers to do. They keep encouraging them to go to empty fridges and wonder why they are not motivated to find work. The same applies to business. When employees start a new position they are keen and enthusiastic, but if all they receive for their efforts is negativity when invariably they make a mistake as we all do, how long would you expect these employees to stay motivated.

I first got interested in motivation over 30 years ago coaching basketball teams. I have studied and taught all the theories of of motivation but it wasn't until about 15 years ago that I finally worked out an Effective Method to put into Practice. In essence like most discoveries the formula is simple the hard part is putting it consistently into practice.

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Superior Strategy and Motivated People

is what Wins Battles both in War and in Business




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