The Leadership Workshop

Covers the the essential elements for Leaders to be Successful in today's rapidly changing environment.

Effective leadership in business can no longer be achieved by applying the the rigid " Command and Control" model of the past. To be competitive in today's markets, the full compliments and contributions available from the team and the individual must be harnessed. You can not control peoples minds under the old Command and Control Model which is based on fear and punishment. If you want to use 100% of peoples minds and abilities you must make the transition to a new leadership style. The simplistic notion that I pay you therefore I expect you to work or else, Simply Does Not Work. In fact it has not worked since the end of the industrial age. Pay alone only gets people to work on Mondays it does nothing to motivate staff to give 100 % of their abilities.

Making the transition from the old leadership model to the new, Lead and Empower Style of Leadership has presented varying degrees of challenge for management in every organisation and in every industry. This is because the differences are quite radical, requiring of those that would be leaders, that they first understand why the older model is no longer workable. Armed with such personal insights, today's leaders realsise that different skills are now needed if teams are to deliver exceptional outcomes. They must be mentor, psychologist, role model and in addition an inspiration to members of the organisation. They must also be competent as a manager, able to facilitate and drive processes and develop strategies.

Superior Strategy and Motivated People

is what Wins Battles both in War and in Business

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The workshop is also available as an E- Book

In the decades ahead it will be the organisations that embrace the three P’s that will ultimately prosper and survive.



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