Customer Service

Effective Customer Service Workshop

Covers the the essential elements to Create and Keep Customers in today's competitive market.

Well established retailers such as Harvey Norman, Myers, K Mart and JB Hi Fi are feeling the effects of increased competition from the internet.

Recently they mounted a campaign claiming offshore retailers had a unfair competitive advantage because they don't have to pay GST. The fact is these retailers and thousands like them including the banks have taken customers for granted for years.

Sure, they say "Customer Service is important to them", just as a lot of organisation's say that their employees are their most important asset. Unfortunately in a majority of cases Actions do not match their Words or Slogans.

There is much more to customer service than encouraging staff to smile. However, some organisation's see this as the limit of their effort and training required. Such organisation's fail to consider the basic requirements of the customer or what it takes to create satisfaction in the customers mind.

The traditional form of customer service is " giving the customer what they think they need".

This is what the provider of the service decides the customer should be given. However, this may not be what the Customer Wants. Customer satisfaction is "customer driven" and starts with the attitudes of management and the culture within the organisation. There is is no value in providing a service which does not satisfy the customer. Too often organisation's are merely satisfying their own needs.

Every time I go grocery shopping I am asked if I have a loyalty card. My response is always the same, NO you are not that good that you deserve my loyalty. They can't buy my loyalty they have to Earn It. I am fiercely loyal to those businesses that do provide Excellence in Customer Service because I am passionate about this issue.

Customer Service is the Key to Success for Every Organisation. Increasingly being good is not good enough. Excellence will become the expected norm and those organisation's that ignore this fact will do so at their peril.

To provide Excellent Customer Service requires a culture of excellence throughout the entire organisation. With out that, Excellent Customer Service can not be achieved and a business is forced to compete with the the age old strategy of discount. This strategy is doomed to fail due to the internet and the rise of China, India and in the future South America.

Excellence in Customer Service comes at a " PRICE " nothing in life is Free but the price is a lot less then continuing with the strategies

of the past.

In every organisation the Qualities and Concerted Energies of the People within it are the driving Force for Excellence in Customer Service.


Superior Strategy and Motivated People

is what Wins Battles both in War and in Business



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