Business Law


Every business owner needs an understanding of their rights and obligations under Common Law.

What most business owners don't realise is that every time they interact with a customer, supplier or employee they are entering into a contract. A contract does not need to be in writing for it to be enforceable. In fact, most contracts we enter into are verbal contracts which are just as enforceable as if they were in writing.

There are also duties in respect to Bailment. A Bailment is a common action frequently people have control of personal property that they do not own. Placing a car in a car park, leaving a car for repairs borrowing an article are all bailment's.

Negligence and the Law of Torts is one of the fastest growing areas in litigation today. It can effect anybody but especially business.

Ignorance is no excuse under the Law. It is your obligation to know the Law.

The workshop is designed to make participants aware of their legal right and obligations so that you can avoid expense legal action.

Don't think it wont happen to you. The courts are inundated with litigation concerning these matters. It is far cheaper to avoid action then to face litigation.

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